Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the bride's apparel

When I first started searching for THE dress I didn't know what I was looking for. As time went on, I began to get frustrated ... I felt nothing was out there for me. I loved different elements from different dresses:

white taffeta

corset back
pick-up skirt

drop waist
a train but not too long
sweetheart strapless neckline

Well, as you may guess, I found THE dress!!! It was after a long unsuccessful day of shopping which almost ended up in tears. My mother suggested we try just one more shop to see what they had. She initially pointed out one particular dress but I bypassed it at first. I ended up rethinking her suggestion and took it to the fitting room. As soon as it was slipped over my head, I KNEW it was THE ONE! It is simply beautiful. It may seem a little plain on top because there are only a few beads around the bust [mostly pearls] but the pick-ups add to the look so it doesn't bother me that much. I am having the hip area taken in a little to give it the drop waist look. Here is an image I found on the web of my dress but it fits me much better ... hehe :)

I recently found a canvas black and white damask purse online at I called to a local store and surprisingly they had only one left in stock! I requested for it to be put on hold and I picked it up the next day for only $10!!! It will be perfect to carry throughout the wedding festivities.

The same day I went to pick up my purse I decided to browse through the Nine West store because I was constantly on the lookout for light blue pointy toe heels. I FOUND THEM!!! I was ecstatic! They were only $20!!! The reason I wanted blue heels is because: no one will really see them so it isn't taking away from my 'all dressed in white' appearance, it's something different that matches the accent color of the wedding, and it's my something blue.

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  1. that dress is sooo beautiful and so you. it looks very classy and elegant. how are you doing? i miss y'all very much!!