Thursday, July 23, 2009

the stationary

When I began searching for invitation ideas, I saw nothing appealing in my cost range. I'm a fairly creative person so I decided to DIY the stationary. I drew my inspiration from google-ing damask wedding invitations and viewing the pictures. I created everything using Power Point and Microsoft Office Publisher. I then converted everything to the .jpg format. I am printing the save the date photo cards off at WalMart and then printing everything else at Staples on card stock.

save the date photo cards:


rsvp cards:

cover of the wedding programs:

I was also thinking about using these damask rubber stamps that I found at Micheal's for $1 each. I may stamp them on the RSVP envelope flap.

I found these damask thank you notes at Big Lots for $4.50 a pack that consists of 20 cards and 20 envelopes. So, I purchased 5 packs ... just to be safe! If I have too many, they can always be used again for something else!


  1. I would love to chat with you! I too live in NC and am doing a Damask wedding. I LOVE you wedding invitations. Wondering if you could give you pointers on making them or if I could even purchase your invitations. I'm not doing Carolina blue however it was on my list of choices. My email is ChrisandJenn2010@gmail. Thanks for your time! Congrats on your engagement!

  2. Hi! I am in Florida... and am also doing a Damask wedding. I LOVE everything you have picked out! I have been searching (unsuccessfully) for the perfect wedding invitations... and you're are awesome. I also made my own save the dates... but haven't been able to figure out how to tackle an invitation. I was wondering, like *Jennifer*, if you could give me any pointers on how you made your invitation or if I could purchase the format from you! my email is Thank you so much and congratulations! :)

  3. Okay, third bride who LOVES your damask style - except I am in Canada! Your invitations/STD/RSVP's etc. are incredibly beautiful and I would, like the others, like to ask if you are willing to share your talent with us, by purchasing the templates.

    Its too funny because some of the items you have purchased are the same as what I've chosen, including the bridesmaid dresses, which I just picked up on Wednesday and they are perfect!!

    Please email me at

    Thanks so much - Happy Planning!

  4. PS - A friend of mine got married this summer, and did the tissue pompoms, so I'll pass along some inspiration pics for you! They are amazing!!

  5. Where did you get the stationary and what thickness of card stock? I'm thinking of making my own table cards and menus.

  6. GOOD JOB! Love everything you created! You are very talented!!

  7. Would LOVE the templates for this. I'm getting married Dec 30 2010 and am doing an antique gold on champagne damask pattern with a deep red background. I recently bought microsoft publisher but have no idea how to use it... haha!

  8. Hi,
    Im also another lover of your invites!

    Can I have the template or purchase the design from you?
    you did an awesome JOB!

    email me at!

  9. I love your creation. I have been trying to DIY but I can not figure out how to do it. Could you please help me? Could you sent me the template or tell me how you created it?

    Marie (