Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the purpose and introduction

I'm starting this blog to help me keep track of my wedding. I've already bought a ton of things so I'll be posting photos soon.

To begin with, I am totally in love with the damask pattern and I think it may have been when I bought my first bedspread [consisting of the comforter, two shams, and the bed skirt] for my first apartment in college. I found it at Ross for $24 [which was amazing!]. It is dark sea foam green with sort of a tan-ish scroll pattern on it.

The summer I bought the bedspread, my fiance proposed [on our 4 year anniversary ... at the beach!!! how sweet]. When we started discussing options
for wedding colors I either wanted burgundy and brown OR teal-ish sea foam green and brown [after my beloved bedspread of course]. Ultimately, since we wanted a summer wedding we chose the teal-ish sea foam green and brown.

I began invisioning the groomsmen wearing brown tux and the bridesmaids in the unique color of sea foam. My mother tried to talk me out of the brown tux ... which worked. I also decided that the sea foam color would be too hard to find. I began searching for other options. I loved the baroque style design on my bedspread, so I used that for the inspiration. I could NOT figure out what the pattern was called so I was constantly google-ing to see what I came up with.

When I finially discovered the name of the pattern I liked, I began to read other brides' blogs about the damask design. I noticed it was quiet a hot trend and was mostly presented in black and white with different accent colors. As I researched more and more, I fell in love with the idea of a black and white wedding.

Now what about the accent color? I decided upon light blue [otherwise known in our parts as Carolina Blue]. My fiance and I LOVE the Tar Heels and both wish we would have attended the university. I didn't even apply to go there! That is my biggest regret ... but that's beside the point. I knew my boy wouldn't mind the Carolina Blue so I decided to go with it and made up my mind. I didn't consult with him on any of the themes or plans ... oh well ... :)

Here's my ring!

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  1. This Blog is amazing. I'm so exited to have found it. I am also doing a black and white damask theme (with green) for my wedding! It is nice to see all the fantastic deals you've scored. Thanks for sharing!