Friday, July 24, 2009

the reception

This is the venue the wedding reception will be held at. Very bland and ugly! WITH BURGUNDY CHAIRS!?!?!?! YUCK! [We really don't have any nice local places to have a reception... this is it! And it's only $250+$18 and hour for security lol] However, with the right touch and soft lighting [maybe some white Christmas lights in some ficus trees? lol] it could turn into something nice and presentable. There is also a flat screen TV hung on the wall [not pictured] that we can put a picture slide show on ... maybe the gift table can be under that? The bad thing is that the venue is said to ONLY hold 100 people [I don't believe it and who will be counting anyway?] but we have around 150+ invited guests . We'll see...

Since our wedding will be in the afternoon, the reception will have finger foods and such. Here's some things I would like to be on the menu:

wedding cake :)
groom's cupcakes
chicken fingers
small sausage weenies
pasta salad
veggie plate with dip
cantaloupe & grapes
cheese cubes & crackers
strawberries [chocolate covered?]
chocolate fountain
blue punch
M&Ms [black and white]
black jelly beans

The type of wedding cake I would like consists of black scrolls or a damask print. I would like butter cream icing but not sure about the cake flavor yet. Here is a cake I LOVE:

I really want my fiance to have a groom's cake but he will not hear to it. We will have groom's cupcakes instead ... basketball themed. I would like to make them myself but we'll see how that goes...

I purchased a 3 tier plate stand from the local TJ Maxx for $10 and the 3 damask print plates for $3.99 each. We can for sure use it for something!

Since I purchased those damask plates I decided I wanted the others that were there too. So, I went back and got another large plate and 4 smaller ones for $2.99 each. We can put food on them...

On, I purchased these [set of 3] damask prep bowls for $20. They are a little tiny but can be used for the buttermints/M&Ms/jellybeans...

Also, my mother bought 7 packs of damask print beverage napkins [20 in each pack] at Target for $1.99 each. We plan on purchasing more black napkins in the same size in case that isn't enough...

I found toasting flutes on sale at Belk for $30 per pair. I had a $10 gift card for registering at the store. So, I only paid $20 for Noritake crystal toasting flutes that originally would have been $60 for the pair! What a deal!

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  1. Hi there,

    My name is Tenille and I'm also a damask bride but from Canada. I've been trying to find some damask napkins that are affordable and can't get anything under $4.99/20 napkins, which is a bit steep considering I want about a hundred of them. ANYHOO, I was wondering if we could work something out :D